Ants in the House

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Of the many pests that try to get into your home, ants may be one of the most difficult to remove. Although most ants outside the home present little threat to you, your family, or pets. When they get inside the home is when they can cause big issues. The organized manner in which ants work and survive makes your home an ideal place for them to live.

If you have ants in the house, a professional Orlando pest control company can get rid of them. By using safe, effective methods, they can remove the ants from your home and take preventative measures to help ensure they do not invade again.

Why Ants Invade Your Home

The reasons why ants find your home attractive is the same reason that most pests enter your property. Your home provides the food they need to live. Ants consume a wide range of food particles and your home is usually full of them. Even if you keep a clean and tidy household, ants have a way of finding your food storage areas and moving in.

Another reason is shelter. Your home is the perfect place to set up a colony which provides protection from the elements while also being a source of food. Even if they cannot find the food inside your home, it is an excellent place for them to venture out while keeping the queen protected.

With the understanding of why ants enter your home, the next step is preventing them from getting inside. While not the easiest of tasks, it take far less effort to keep the ants at bay compared to when they get a foothold inside your home.

How to Prevent Ants from Entering Your Home

Keep in mind that even the best preventative measures may not be 100{6c74dae3b89661dc0a2f9d80e590289a5fd2c0dd9e167bdd9cf6d25e77651a7c} effective. This is because ants can move fairly quickly once they set up their colony near your home. But there are simple methods you can use to help keep your home protected from an ant invasion.

Seal Off Cracks: Ants must find a way into your home first and that is usually through small cracks in the walls and possibly the foundation. Do an inspection around your home and identify all the places where ants may enter. Then seal off any cracks or openings that might allow the ants to come inside. Larger areas such as doorways and windows can be inspected routinely for ant intrusion. But sealing off the small cracks will help keep the ants outdoors.

Keep a Clean Home: One of the best ways to keep ants from coming in is not giving them anything to eat as an incentive. Keeping a clean home is arguably the best way to turn back an ant invasion. Especially one that comes in looking for food. The use of basic household products is generally enough to turn away many, but not all ants.

Sealed Containers: Keep all your food stored in sealed containers. Clean up properly after all meals, and make sure that the places where you keep the containers are clean as well. This will help discourage ants from coming in.

Identify Scout Ants: The scout ant is easy enough to spot as there is only one of them in any given area. They search the surrounding area for food which is why they spread out. If you see a lone ant, it is most likely a scout ant and removing means it cannot report back to its colony to inform them about your home.

Get Rid of Ant Trails: If you have noticed ants starting to enter your home, you can use a simple mixture of one-part vinegar and three parts water to spray on the trails. The odor that vinegar emits is more than enough to ward off ants from following the trail. While it does not kill the ants, it does mean that their scouts will have to find a new path to the food source.

But what happens if you already have ants in your home? Once they come inside, just the protection that your home provides may be enough to have them create a colony inside the walls. When that happens, your best choice may be to hire a professional pest control company.

Why a Professional Orlando Pest Control Company is the Answer?

Although many homeowners will use sprays to get rid of the ants, that is not always effective. While you might kill a few, they will not be gone until their colony is destroyed. Finding the colony is best suited for a professional pest control expert. They have the knowledge and experience to do the following.

  • Identifies and Destroys Colonies
  • Removes Possible Feeding Places for Ants
  • Sprays an Ant Barrier Around the Home

They can also set up bait traps in the right locations to lure in the ants which in turn will destroy their colonies. While some of the products that a professional company offers can be found at local retail stores, you cannot find the expertise and guarantees needed to ensure that you are getting rid of the ants.

Plus, the best pest control companies in the greater Orlando area offer their services at low, competitive prices. This means for the investment you make the result will far exceed what consumer products can provide from the store. You can also get regular inspections that spot potential issues before they become serious problems. This means that you save even more money over time when you employ the professional pest control service Orlando residents can trust.

For homeowners, an Orlando pest control company can provide the solution when ants invade your property. A representative will arrive at your home, evaluate the situation, and apply the right methods to rid the home of the ant invasion. In addition, they can provide preventative measures that will help dissuade the ants from returning to your home. Be sure to call today and find out more about how your home can be rid of the ants.

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