What is pest control in Orlando Florida?

When you think of an exterminator or pest controller, what comes to your mind? The image of a person in a yellow suit with a mask, and a smoke machine spraying? a countryman with a classic trap kill mice in one hand and the dead rat in another? Exterminating animals or plants that harm crops or our health has always been a difficult job, but it is very important to control diseases. Do you want to know more about this profession? We will tell you here.

What is the pest control in Orlando Florida?

Pest is an animal, insect, or bacteria that damages our crops or directly or indirectly affects our health. To mention an example, it is known that roaches are transmitters and carriers of diseases, their skin and feces are allergens, this means that they increase the risk of asthma or allergies for people who have this medical condition.

Orlando Pest control is the regulation of a species defined as a pest. Depending on the importance of the damage it causes, it can be subtly managed so as not to affect it or eradicate it completely with actions that prevent it from reappearing.


It is worth remarking that not every creature considered a pest is bad. For example, bees are very important for the pollination and conservation of flora worldwide. Also, their honey is delicious. But direct contact with us is not pleasant since his behavior towards any threat to its hive makes them aggressive. And there have been cases in which the allergy to the stings of this insect has caused death.


When a pest controller is contacted, it is responsible for moving the hive to another location, away from human contact, to protect this species that believe it or not is already in danger of extinction. And without bees, there is no pollination, without it, our planet is doomed, as simple as that. Other species can do this job but not at the same rate and efficiency as bees do.


In agriculture pest control is carried out by biological, chemical, and cultural means. The crops are rotated annually, they are monitored to know when it is necessary to apply insecticides, they also introduce whenever possible natural predators or parasites that naturally eradicate these pests.


In the urban environment pests are rodents, insects, birds, and some snakes, in Florida, Orlando Pest Control often finds American alligators and Burmese pythons on the list of pests to eradicate. In urban environments pest control is done with repulsion, exclusion, physical elimination, or chemical means. And the person in charge of this work is called the Exterminator.

What is an Orlando exterminator

An exterminator is a person trained to eliminate animals that are considered pests or unwanted animals. Hence their name, although they are also simply referred to as Pest Controllers. They can work on their own, like working for a large company, as long as they are licensed as they use certain chemicals that require paperwork and are delicate to use in addition to some being harmful to health.


It sounds obvious, but even if it doesn’t seem like it, it’s a difficult and dangerous job. To do this we first make a list of the main types of pests that an exterminator must eradicate:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Fleas
  • Mites
  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Rats

Some species may not appear in an urban environment. But in a city like Orlando, there have been calls to pest control by American alligators and Burmese pythons. It requires nerves of steel, agility, strength, not being afraid of these vermin, being creative, you don’t always want to kill the animal. If you are going to catch a skunk, keep in mind that its smell will not go away easily in a couple of days. And if it’s in a vent, it won’t make life easier for you if you make it get mad and aggressive.

A risk job

Being sprayed by a skunk is not the worst problem of an exterminator, his constant contact with diseases makes this job a dirty profession, but very important. These are some of the diseases that pests bring in our homes:


Cockroach: allergies, asthma, stomach infections.

Fly: E.colli, malaria, conjunctivitis

Rat: bubonic plague, rabies, skin infections

Mite: scabies, allergies

Mosquito: Zika, malaria.


Most of these diseases are by indirect contact. Now imagine being bitten or stung by one of these animals. An exterminator is trained on how to avoid getting hurt, touch cores of infection, avoid contacting their skin or eyes with spores, and the proper handling of certain insecticides, to avoid contaminating spaces.

The profile of an exterminator

Still, have doubts about choosing a good exterminator? A pest controller must have certain skills that make it a good investment.


He makes sure to correctly identify the pest before starting any treatment, this is to use the right method and not be there, guessing what to do.

They are responsible; an exterminator who arranges a meeting with you and does not appear in a month is not to be trusted. Nor is he the one who sprays insecticides all over the house without first consulting you, getting your approval.


They are efficient; It goes to the root of the problem, it doesn’t work that you spray the garden with insecticides if the cause of the problem is in the attic wall.


Under no circumstances will you see a quality exterminator mixing chemicals to make a “super insecticide” this is very dangerous. Many of the chemical components of these are harmful to health and residual, remain in the environment for a long time and are bad for people with asthma or allergy conditions.


Being an exterminator is not an easy job. You have to be in contact with different sources of diseases, infections, animal bites and only the bad smell in their dens leaves you wondering if you are living the dream with that job. But outside of this, their role in society, even if it goes unnoticed, is very important. Eliminate the sources of disease-causing pests in our homes, businesses, and offices.

While your shopping at the Florida Mall and let Us take care of your pest control needs.


Orlando Pest Control – Pharaoh Ants

Orlando Pest Control. Pharaoh ants originated in Africa but are now spread throughout the world. Small and difficult to control, Pharaoh Ants are one of the biggest nuisances in the United States. They feast on sweet and greasy food and are often referred to as ‘sugar ants’ because of their love for sugary food. They are capable of transmitting more than a dozen diseases.

The warm and humid temperature of Florida is perfect for breeding of Pharaoh ants. These tiny pests have developed into a sturdy and sophisticated species through evolution, which makes it difficult to eradicate them on your own. You will require the help of the Orlando Pest Control to get rid of these devious little invaders, and this article will tell you why!

If you have specific questions about Pharaoh ants, check out our FAQ section.


Did you know?

The Pharaoh ants are believed to be the cause of one of the Egyptian insect plagues in the times of Pharaoh. It is where they get their name from.



Pharaoh Ants Quick Facts



Yellowish Brown

Scientific Name

Monomorium pharaonis



Queen: 4 -12 months

Workers: 9 -10 weeks

Males: 3 – 5 weeks


Orlando Pest ControlCall All American Pest Control (321) 559-7378.


Warm and humid places that are hidden

– Inches

(2.0 mm)


Sugary Food!





Is It A Pharaoh Ant? – Identifying A Pharaoh Ant

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Pharaoh ants are often confused with thief ants because of their size. These tiny invaders are 1/16th of an inch in size that is just about 2 millimeters. The body color of the worker ant is yellow-brown with a darker abdomen. The males are slightly longer (3 millimeters) and darker than the female worker ants. The queen is the largest (3.6 to 5-millimeter-long) and has a dark red color. The male and the queen are winged.

Pharaoh ants have well developed black eyes and mandibles with four teeth. Their thorax is spineless. They have a stinger, but it is nonfunctional. Unlike two-clubbed antennas of thief ants, Pharaoh ants have three-clubbed antennas that sense vibrations and aid vision in low light. These ants have a hairy abdomen that can detect the weather or any touch. Since they are arthropods, Pharaoh ants have a hard exoskeleton made of chitin with a waxy cuticle.



Habitat Of The Pharaoh Ants

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Distributed all across the United States, Pharaoh ants thrive in warm and humid conditions. This means Florida’s tropical climate provides optimal conditions for their breeding.

Extreme opportunists, Pharaoh ants will nest in any hidden place. Their colonies could be set in your house walls, cracks of your kitchen cabinets, boxes lying in your pantry, or even in piles of trash.

Don’t be surprised to find their nesting site in the fold of the bedsheet you haven’t used in a while or the holes of your hollow curtain rods. Since they usually nest near a food and water source, their colonies could be found in bathrooms as well.

Their nest is tiny, and it is difficult to measure its population size. Pharaoh ants are robust enough to survive most of the conventional domestic pest control treatments. You will need the help of Orlando Pest Control to get rid of these bugs.


Did you know?

Pharaoh ants are known to have breached the security of recombinant DNA laboratories.


The Lifestyle Of The Pharaoh Ants

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Pharaoh ants are generally found near moisture and food source. They love sugary food and hence are sometimes referred to as “sugar ants.” These ants are omnivorous, which means they feed on chocolate, jam, honey, meat, and dead insects.

Their behavior is organized through pheromones – a chemical produced by ant species to communicate among themselves. Different types of pheromones send different messages that can be detected by other members through their antennas. They can be used to recognize members of the colonies. Some pheromones secreted by the Pharaoh ants include:

  • Recruitment Pheromone: draws other worker ants towards the nesting site.
  • Alarm Pheromone: released upon death to alert the other members.
  • Trail Pheromone: perhaps the most important one; the trail pheromone is left on the surfaces to guide other worker ants to the food sources.

A typical Pharaoh ant colony entails queens (fertile females), workers (infertile females), males, and baby ants in various stages of development. Several queens in one nest mean that their rate of survival is indefinite.

Often, one of the queens will accompany a few worker ants with eggs out of the nest to a new colony. This behavior is called budding and is one of the main reasons why getting rid of Pharaoh ant infestation on your own is almost impossible. If you are unable to eradicate the colony by any chance, it will lead to the formation of several new colonies.


Life Cycle Of The Pharaoh Ants

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The lifespan of Pharaoh ants varies. Queens tend to live for 4-12 months; worker ants live up to 10 weeks, and male ants survive for only 3-5 weeks.

Though small, pharaoh ants are quite complex. A Pharaoh ant must go through multiple developmental changes to turn into an adult. These developmental changes can be broken down into four stages:


Stage 1: Pharaoh Ant Eggs

Each queen lays up to 400 eggs in her lifetime. Fertilized eggs grow into female pharaoh ants, whereas unfertilized eggs turn into male ants. It takes about 45 days for an egg to turn into an adult.

Stage 2: Pharaoh Ants Larva

It takes about five to six days for an egg to hatch into worm-shaped larvae. The larvae have not developed legs and eyes yet. The queen feeds the larvae regularly as they develop through multiple growth phases.

Stage 3: Pharaoh Ants Pupa

In 22-24 days, larvae grow big enough to enter the next stage; metamorphosis. It undergoes molting, entering the pupal state. This is the most vulnerable stage of development. The pupae do not eat and are almost inactive. It takes about 9-12 days for the pupae to turn into a fully mature adult.

Stage 4: Pharaoh Ants Adults

Once the pupa has developed into a fully grown ant, it can be classified into one of the three casts:

  • Queen (Fertile female ant)
  • Worker ant (Infertile female ant)
  • Male


Pharaoh Ants Infestation

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Pharaoh ants make their way into our houses through poorly sealed doors, cracked window screens, and open doors. They are so tiny that they can also come in through telephone lines and cable. These invaders get attracted by food crumbs, sweet drinks, and moisture. Once inside, they start forming colonies; when the colonies get big enough, they start budding, and soon it becomes nearly impossible to get rid of these sneaky invaders.

Threats Of Pharaoh Ants Infestation

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Pharaoh ants can contaminate food and utensils. They are responsible for transmitting several pathogens like salmonella, streptococcus, and staphylococcus, to name a few. These pests are especially dangerous in hospitals where they can contaminate sterile equipment and patient’s wounds.

Eradication Of Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are one of the most challenging pests to get rid of. They are strong enough to survive most home remedies of eradication. Trying to get rid of them on your own might cause a bigger problem. Professional help from Orlando Pest Control is your best chance at getting rid of the Pharaoh ants.  All American Pest Control gives the best Pest Control packages in Orland! You can reach them at (321) 559-7378.



How long does a Pharaoh ant live?

It depends on the cast. Male Pharaoh ants live up to 5 weeks, worker ants live for 9-10 weeks, whereas a queen has a life span of 4-12 months.

What do Pharaoh ants eat?

Sugary food. Pharaoh ants love to feast on sweet and fatty food! They are omnivores, so meat and dead insects are also a part of their appetite.

How do Pharaoh ants get into my house?

Unsealed doors and cracked windowpanes. As small as they are, Pharaoh ants could make their way into your house through the tiniest cracks and gaps.

Are Pharaoh ants dangerous?

Yes! Pharaohs are capable of transmitting more than a dozen pathogens. They can contaminate food, sterile equipment, and even open wounds!

How can I get rid of Pharaoh ants?

Pharaoh ants are one of the most difficult ants to get rid of! Call an exterminator. All American Pest Control is the best Orlando Pest Control company! You can call them at (321) 559-7378.


Why Orlando Pest Control?

Why you need Pest control in Orlando

Summer is almost here, do you know what it means? Good weather, sun, and the need for Orlando Pest Control service. Orlando is the city of the state of Florida where this type of problems with insects is more common. Located in the southern United States, it is surrounded by swamps, areas with plenty of puddles, and bodies of water where insects, flies, roaches, and rodents can reproduce and nest without many predators. These urban pests wreak havoc on the economy year after year, spread dangerous diseases, destroy houses, and pose a threat to local wildlife. We will give you the details one by one.

Havoc on the economy

In 2018 and 2019 alone, hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses were calculated from the closure of several restaurants in the city of Orlando for violation of health regulations when pests and insects such as flies, roaches, and rodents were found during inspections. Some locals received a warning only. But others had to close their doors for a time until a new inspection to verify that there were no more pests and were fined a minimum of $400. That’s not counting repair costs and Orlando pest control fees.

House-destroying pests

There are almost 3,000 species of termites and only a small part is considered a pest that can cause economic damage to people. And they are classified by their preferred habitat.


Underground termites: their colonies are built on the bases of buildings. They work transporting the wood to the colony.

Wet wood termites: These feed on fallen and decaying tree trunks. Which abound in the surroundings of Orlando, once their food is finished they move to any nearby food source, such as our houses

Dry wood termites: the ones that do the most damage in our homes. They build their hives inside the wood where they feed. And they expand it as they eat. This is dangerous if not treated in time, they begin to pierce the walls and weaken the structures, even knocking down the entire house.


There are homemade recipes to eradicate them, like spraying bleach with vinegar but it doesn’t kill them, it just irritates them and makes them temporarily move. And if they are dry wood Termites, it will be easier for them to make another hive in another part of your house.


If you want to make sure your property is termite-free, you’d better get in touch with pest control. They have advanced detection tools to help you answer your questions. And why not? If you have this type of problem, it is best to eradicate it at once. They will have the necessary tools and products without the need to vacate the house or be exposed to toxic and harmful gases.

A threat to local fauna

Around Orlando is Everglades National Park. An immense swamp cluster containing various species of rodents, birds, and the appearance of a new non-native predator: the Burmese python.


This original snake from India was brought as a pet and released during the ’60s. Having no predators or natural enemies and being in a habitat very similar to its home, prospered and multiplied rapidly, to such an extent that today the quantity of this species exceeds 100,000 animals. Unfortunately, this causes an imbalance in the natural ecosystem of the sector. Because the python has brought several species of mammals, birds, and the same American alligator to the brink of extinction by turning them into prey.

Earn easy money with the Burmese python

The term easy money only applies if you are a hunter or really have what it takes to get into the Everglades swamps and other swamps near Orlando. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offers special permits and recruits’ people with knowledge and skills in tracking down and eliminating this snake. It has its own rules and its purpose is not sport hunting, it is to protect the local ecosystem from this non-native Florida species.

Protect yourself from diseases

Diseases caused by insects like flies and roaches are unpleasant, like salmonella, cholera, gastrointestinal diseases, and dangerous like E. Colli. In summer it is the time when there are more of these vermin prowling around our pantries and fridges looking for food. Regular check with quality pest control is necessary to keep them under control and protect us from the disease.

Why a pest control service?

The services of periodic pest control are very important. And not only if you have a restaurant or work with food, but the security of our home is also important. Illnesses are not a matter to be taken lightly. Let’s be honest. Many times we prefer to spend a few dollars on what our neighbor who works for him recommends to us, natural recipes like baking soda, vinegar, and they don’t always work, and if you buy some pesticides without knowledge is not the same. You will be able to disinfect the area for a couple of hours or days, but it really isn’t attacking the real problem.


The problem is that you are probably not taking precautions to avoid the proliferation of pests in your home, some simple actions like installing mosquito nets on doors and windows. Thoroughly clean the surroundings of your home and prevent puddles from accumulating when it rains.


Mosquitoes and flies reproduce in any body of water they find. If you have a garden it could include some lavender or mint plants. These act as a natural mosquito scare. Keep the pantry clean and dry, check the rubbers of the fridges and small cracks in the walls and drawers where mice and cockroaches can pass.

These are things we can do without calling an Orlando Pest Control. But if it really is a situation that got out of control it will be better to make this investment. Spend the day at Econ park and let All American Pest Control take care of your pest control needs.