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Oriental Roaches – The water-loving Cockroaches!

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Oriental cockroaches are among the larger species of cockroaches. “water bugs” and “black beetles” are other common names for these roaches. These names are associated with their love of damp places and their shiny black experience.

They thrive in tropical weather of Florida and can be a nuisance if their infestation gets out of hand. If you have witnessed these nasty little invaders in your house or yard, you must take the help of Orlando Pest Control to get rid of them. But before you call them, its best to know a little bit about these critters.

This article gives you a detailed account of the life of Oriental Cockroaches which can help you with their eradication.

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Did you know?

Though their origin is debatable, most experts believe that Oriental cockroaches came to the United States from Africa or south Russia!



Oriental Cockroach Quick Facts



Dark reddish-brown to black

Scientific Name

Blatta orientalis



1 to 1.5 years


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Damp and warm places

25 mm – 30 mm


Starchy food and decaying organic matter





Is It an Oriental Cockroach? – Identifying an Oriental Cockroach

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Unlike other cockroach species, male and female Oriental cockroaches have a completely different appearance. Female Oriental cockroaches resemble Florida wood roaches, whereas males look like beetles and hence are referred to as ‘’Black Beetle.”

The females can range from shiny black to a brownish-red color and measures up to 32 mm in length. They do not have wings. They do have wing pads though, which cover only a few segments of their body.

Male Oriental cockroaches are smaller in size and have dark brown to the black colored outer skin. They can be up to 25 mm in length. Males do have wings that are three-quarters of the length of their bodies. Both, male and female oriental roaches are flightless bugs.



Where do Oriental roaches live? — Habitat of The Oriental Cockroach

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Seasonal pests, Adult Oriental roaches thrive during summer and spring.  Since they prefer warm and damp conditions, the Florida climate is perfect for these roaches. They are an outdoor pest and are usually found in damp and shady areas near the garden area or under the garbage can. They are very adaptable to the natural environment.

They only turn to houses to seek refuge from colder temperatures. Although they are strong enough to tolerate harsh weather, the still prefer warmer conditions. In houses, they find a shelter near the water bodies or moist environment. Oriental cockroaches love water and therefore are also known as “water bugs”. You may find them in your floor drains, crawl spaces, or dampened basement. They can also nest in sewer pipes, plumbing pipes, under the sink, and in laundry rooms.

How do Oriental roaches behave? — The Lifestyle of the Oriental Cockroach

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Adults and Nymph Oriental cockroaches follow the same behavior pattern. They have a big food palette and can eat many things. Their food of preference, though, is starchy food and decaying organic matter. You may find them feeding on sewage, garbage, decaying plants, and animal waste.

No roach loves water as much as these little bugs. They can survive up to 1 month without anything but not without water. They can hardly go for 2 weeks without water.

These cockroaches are nocturnal and might not be visible in a routine inspection during the day. They are not very active and are also less wary of people.

If the population of the Oriental cockroaches exceeds a certain number, mass migration can take place. They communicate through their antennae.

Life Cycle of the Oriental Cockroach

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Oriental cockroaches go through three developmental stages: egg, nymph, and adults. Their developmental cycles are seasonal. The development rate increases during the rainy season. The adults are abundant in numbers during late spring and early summer. The nymphs that have not matured by the fall wait till the spring to become an adult.


Stage 1: Oriental Cockroach Eggs

Female Oriental cockroaches carry around 16-18 eggs in their ootheca. The oothecae are blackish-brown in color and about 10 to 12 mm in length.  They deposit the ootheca a day or two after its formation. In warm and hidden areas near a food source. The deposition can be delayed up to 7 days.  It takes about 2 months for the eggs to hatch.

Stage 2: Oriental Cockroach Nymph

Once the eggs hatch, Oriental roach nymphs emerge.  Spring and summertime are the seasons in which these nymphs are most active. Nymphs undergo molting (skin shedding) 7-10 times before maturing into adults. If the conditions are favorable the nymph matures into an adult in about 300 days. Under harsh conditions, however nymph stage could last up to 800 days.

Stage 3: Adult Oriental Cockroach

After the last molting, nymphs develop into fully functional sexually active adults. On average an adult oriental cockroach lives for 6 to 12 months. The female is able to produce around 200 eggs during her lifetime.

How to Tell if I have Oriental Roaches? — Oriental Cockroach Infestation

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Sneaky little invaders, Oriental cockroaches pave their way into our homes through gaps beneath the doors and cracks in the window sealing. They follow the plumbing and utility lines and get to our dwellings through sewers and open drains.

If you are worried that your house has been infested with these black beetles, you may look for following signs to confirm:

  • Nocturnal pest, Oriental cockroaches are not usually seen during the day. If you witness one during the daytime, it is highly likely your house is infested. Overcrowding may have forced them to come out during the day to hunt.
  • You may see dark brownish red oothecae of the Oriental roaches in hidden places near water bodies.
  • One of the most evident signs, perhaps, is the strong ‘musty’ odor they give off to communicate with other roaches.

Are Oriental Roaches dangerous? — Threats of Oriental Cockroach Infestation

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Oriental cockroaches can be responsible for the transmission of diseases and can cause allergies and asthma in some people.

As they love to feast on garbage and filth and are often found in sewers (bacteria-ridden water), they are more likely to carry disease-causing pathogens. Once in the house, they tend to contaminate the food and cooking utensils. These pests can be linked to diarrhea and food poisoning.

How to Get Rid of Oriental Roaches? — Eradication of Oriental Cockroach

Although it is easy to exterminate the adults by means of insecticides but even if a single female is left alive, it will hatch new nymphs in about two months. The female drops their oothecae in gaps and cracks which can be difficult to treat with insecticides. These are the reasons that professional help from Orlando Pest Control is recommended when dealing with Oriental Cockroaches. All American Pest Control gives the best Pest Control packages in Orlando! You can reach them at (321) 559-7378.



How long does Oriental Cockroach live?

6 to 12 months on average. Depending on the environment they may even be able to live for one and a half years.

What does Oriental Cockroach eat?

Almost everything! They prefer starchy food but can survive on all kinds of organic matter.

Do Oriental Cockroach Bite?

Rarely! Oriental cockroaches have the ability to bite but they rarely do it.

How does Oriental Cockroach get to my house?

Open doors and cervices. Oriental Cockroach can make their way to our homes through open doors and cervices beneath the doors. They can also follow plumbing pipes, sewers, open drains, and utility lines to our house.

Are Oriental Cockroaches dangerous?

Yes! Oriental cockroaches are carriers of diseases causing pathogens. They are often linked to food poisoning and diarrhea. Apart from that, they have been reported to cause asthma and allergies in children.

How can I get rid of Oriental Cockroach?

Oriental Cockroaches can be difficult roaches to get rid of! Call an exterminator. All American Pest Control is the best Orlando Pest Control company! You can call them at (321