What is pest control in Orlando Florida?

When you think of an exterminator or pest controller, what comes to your mind? The image of a person in a yellow suit with a mask, and a smoke machine spraying? a countryman with a classic trap kill mice in one hand and the dead rat in another? Exterminating animals or plants that harm crops or our health has always been a difficult job, but it is very important to control diseases. Do you want to know more about this profession? We will tell you here.

What is the pest control in Orlando Florida?

Pest is an animal, insect, or bacteria that damages our crops or directly or indirectly affects our health. To mention an example, it is known that roaches are transmitters and carriers of diseases, their skin and feces are allergens, this means that they increase the risk of asthma or allergies for people who have this medical condition.

Orlando Pest control is the regulation of a species defined as a pest. Depending on the importance of the damage it causes, it can be subtly managed so as not to affect it or eradicate it completely with actions that prevent it from reappearing.


It is worth remarking that not every creature considered a pest is bad. For example, bees are very important for the pollination and conservation of flora worldwide. Also, their honey is delicious. But direct contact with us is not pleasant since his behavior towards any threat to its hive makes them aggressive. And there have been cases in which the allergy to the stings of this insect has caused death.


When a pest controller is contacted, it is responsible for moving the hive to another location, away from human contact, to protect this species that believe it or not is already in danger of extinction. And without bees, there is no pollination, without it, our planet is doomed, as simple as that. Other species can do this job but not at the same rate and efficiency as bees do.


In agriculture pest control is carried out by biological, chemical, and cultural means. The crops are rotated annually, they are monitored to know when it is necessary to apply insecticides, they also introduce whenever possible natural predators or parasites that naturally eradicate these pests.


In the urban environment pests are rodents, insects, birds, and some snakes, in Florida, Orlando Pest Control often finds American alligators and Burmese pythons on the list of pests to eradicate. In urban environments pest control is done with repulsion, exclusion, physical elimination, or chemical means. And the person in charge of this work is called the Exterminator.

What is an Orlando exterminator

An exterminator is a person trained to eliminate animals that are considered pests or unwanted animals. Hence their name, although they are also simply referred to as Pest Controllers. They can work on their own, like working for a large company, as long as they are licensed as they use certain chemicals that require paperwork and are delicate to use in addition to some being harmful to health.


It sounds obvious, but even if it doesn’t seem like it, it’s a difficult and dangerous job. To do this we first make a list of the main types of pests that an exterminator must eradicate:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Fleas
  • Mites
  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Rats

Some species may not appear in an urban environment. But in a city like Orlando, there have been calls to pest control by American alligators and Burmese pythons. It requires nerves of steel, agility, strength, not being afraid of these vermin, being creative, you don’t always want to kill the animal. If you are going to catch a skunk, keep in mind that its smell will not go away easily in a couple of days. And if it’s in a vent, it won’t make life easier for you if you make it get mad and aggressive.

A risk job

Being sprayed by a skunk is not the worst problem of an exterminator, his constant contact with diseases makes this job a dirty profession, but very important. These are some of the diseases that pests bring in our homes:


Cockroach: allergies, asthma, stomach infections.

Fly: E.colli, malaria, conjunctivitis

Rat: bubonic plague, rabies, skin infections

Mite: scabies, allergies

Mosquito: Zika, malaria.


Most of these diseases are by indirect contact. Now imagine being bitten or stung by one of these animals. An exterminator is trained on how to avoid getting hurt, touch cores of infection, avoid contacting their skin or eyes with spores, and the proper handling of certain insecticides, to avoid contaminating spaces.

The profile of an exterminator

Still, have doubts about choosing a good exterminator? A pest controller must have certain skills that make it a good investment.


He makes sure to correctly identify the pest before starting any treatment, this is to use the right method and not be there, guessing what to do.

They are responsible; an exterminator who arranges a meeting with you and does not appear in a month is not to be trusted. Nor is he the one who sprays insecticides all over the house without first consulting you, getting your approval.


They are efficient; It goes to the root of the problem, it doesn’t work that you spray the garden with insecticides if the cause of the problem is in the attic wall.


Under no circumstances will you see a quality exterminator mixing chemicals to make a “super insecticide” this is very dangerous. Many of the chemical components of these are harmful to health and residual, remain in the environment for a long time and are bad for people with asthma or allergy conditions.


Being an exterminator is not an easy job. You have to be in contact with different sources of diseases, infections, animal bites and only the bad smell in their dens leaves you wondering if you are living the dream with that job. But outside of this, their role in society, even if it goes unnoticed, is very important. Eliminate the sources of disease-causing pests in our homes, businesses, and offices.

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