Why Is It So Hard To Kill A Cockroach?

Why Is It So Hard To Kill A Cockroach?

If you’ve been unlucky enough to deal with cockroaches in your Orlando home, you know that these pests are no joke. Cockroaches are amazingly resilient creatures that are much harder to kill than other kinds of bugs and insects. Your first instincts of stepping on a roach or hitting it with bug spray may not finish the job. All American Pest Control can help you learn more about cockroaches, why they are so hard to kill, and how you can still protect your property from these pests with Orlando Pest Control.


Why Cockroaches Can Survive Almost Anything

There’s a reason that jokes about cockroaches surviving the apocalypse are so widespread. Roaches show an evolutionary history that has led them to be almost indestructible. In addition to a strong physical body, they also have powerful senses and can adapt to almost any food source and living environment.

Cockroaches have exoskeletons, which means that their bodies are protected and supported by strong materials on the outside of their body. Their exoskeleton serves the same purpose as bones do in other types of creatures.

A cockroach’s exoskeleton is formed of many overlapping plates which are connected by a flexible, moveable membrane. This dense protective layer lets roaches change the shape of their bodies. Roaches can transfer their energy to their legs, which helps them fit through impossibly small cracks and crevices. The strong exoskeleton material protects roaches from being injured or crushed when moving through tight spaces.

In addition to a roach’s physical strengths, these pests also have powerful instincts and senses that help them stay alive. Cockroaches are skilled at hiding and their flexible bodies allow them to easily hide in many places. They can thrive in a wide range of temperatures and other factors, so they can wait out unfavorable conditions.

Roaches have also adapted to eating almost anything. They will choose traditional food sources like the contents of your pantry or garbage if given the opportunity. However, they can also make the most of garbage, building materials, and other substances that have few nutrients.


How To Keep Your Home Free From Roaches

Cockroaches are so difficult to kill that it’s better to keep roaches out of your home in the first place. These creatures can thrive in almost any environment, but there are some easy steps to discourage them from moving into your house or business. All American Pest Control recommends these methods to keep a variety of pests out of your building, beyond cockroaches.


Protect Your Perimeter

Deter roaches and other pests from moving into a building by protecting your perimeter. Cockroaches and other small creatures can make the most of very short, narrow cracks, but patching any entry points is still a powerful way to protect yourself. Here are some starting points for keeping your home or workplace roach-free.

Patch and seal any cracks around the outside of your building.

Close gaps under doors, around windows, and where utility lines enter the facility.

Seal or screen drain lines, sewer vents, and other places where water flows.


Exercise Safe Food Storage

Cockroaches can live in many environments, but they are always looking to meet their basic biological needs. Roaches come to your home searching for something to eat. Make it hard for roaches to find food in your home and they’ll move on to greener pastures. Explore these easy ways to keep food safely secured.

Keep food and ingredients in air-tight containers, which mask smells and are often impossible for roaches to enter.

Don’t leave food out overnight, including pet food.

Cover trashcans, both indoors and outdoors.

Clean crumbs and leftovers from tables, counters, and other surfaces.

In workplaces, encourage a food-safe culture. Discourage eating at desks and storing snacks in individual offices.


Regularly Clean

Cockroaches love all the mess. A messy home or workplace offers many opportunities for roaches to hide, breed, and find food. Follow these cleaning tips to discourage roaches.

Remove large stacks of paper and cardboard, which are valuable hiding places and sources of food.

Vacuum regularly.

Empty trash daily and keep outdoor trash containers away from your doors and windows.

If you see roaches in an area, clean that space as soon as possible to remove food and hiding spots.


All American Pest Control Can Kill Your Cockroaches

Roaches are resilient and infestations commonly require more than one treatment method. If you’re living with a serious cockroach problem, turn to expert Orlando exterminators, All American Pest Control. We will determine a professional plan to tackle your roach problem.

First, we determine the type of cockroach you’re struggling against. Unfortunately, Orlando is home to several cockroach varieties. Once we learn the type of roach in your home, we can target a treatment plan to specifically deter and kill those cockroaches.

Roach glue traps are a regular method for catching, identifying, and removing cockroaches. Roaches can escape many types of traps, but they’re unable to get away when stuck in a glue trap. Your expert All American Pest Control technician understands what types of traps are best for your home.


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