Why Orlando Pest Control?

Why you need Pest control in Orlando

Summer is almost here, do you know what it means? Good weather, sun, and the need for Orlando Pest Control service. Orlando is the city of the state of Florida where this type of problems with insects is more common. Located in the southern United States, it is surrounded by swamps, areas with plenty of puddles, and bodies of water where insects, flies, roaches, and rodents can reproduce and nest without many predators. These urban pests wreak havoc on the economy year after year, spread dangerous diseases, destroy houses, and pose a threat to local wildlife. We will give you the details one by one.

Havoc on the economy

In 2018 and 2019 alone, hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses were calculated from the closure of several restaurants in the city of Orlando for violation of health regulations when pests and insects such as flies, roaches, and rodents were found during inspections. Some locals received a warning only. But others had to close their doors for a time until a new inspection to verify that there were no more pests and were fined a minimum of $400. That’s not counting repair costs and Orlando pest control fees.

House-destroying pests

There are almost 3,000 species of termites and only a small part is considered a pest that can cause economic damage to people. And they are classified by their preferred habitat.


Underground termites: their colonies are built on the bases of buildings. They work transporting the wood to the colony.

Wet wood termites: These feed on fallen and decaying tree trunks. Which abound in the surroundings of Orlando, once their food is finished they move to any nearby food source, such as our houses

Dry wood termites: the ones that do the most damage in our homes. They build their hives inside the wood where they feed. And they expand it as they eat. This is dangerous if not treated in time, they begin to pierce the walls and weaken the structures, even knocking down the entire house.


There are homemade recipes to eradicate them, like spraying bleach with vinegar but it doesn’t kill them, it just irritates them and makes them temporarily move. And if they are dry wood Termites, it will be easier for them to make another hive in another part of your house.


If you want to make sure your property is termite-free, you’d better get in touch with pest control. They have advanced detection tools to help you answer your questions. And why not? If you have this type of problem, it is best to eradicate it at once. They will have the necessary tools and products without the need to vacate the house or be exposed to toxic and harmful gases.

A threat to local fauna

Around Orlando is Everglades National Park. An immense swamp cluster containing various species of rodents, birds, and the appearance of a new non-native predator: the Burmese python.


This original snake from India was brought as a pet and released during the ’60s. Having no predators or natural enemies and being in a habitat very similar to its home, prospered and multiplied rapidly, to such an extent that today the quantity of this species exceeds 100,000 animals. Unfortunately, this causes an imbalance in the natural ecosystem of the sector. Because the python has brought several species of mammals, birds, and the same American alligator to the brink of extinction by turning them into prey.

Earn easy money with the Burmese python

The term easy money only applies if you are a hunter or really have what it takes to get into the Everglades swamps and other swamps near Orlando. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offers special permits and recruits’ people with knowledge and skills in tracking down and eliminating this snake. It has its own rules and its purpose is not sport hunting, it is to protect the local ecosystem from this non-native Florida species.

Protect yourself from diseases

Diseases caused by insects like flies and roaches are unpleasant, like salmonella, cholera, gastrointestinal diseases, and dangerous like E. Colli. In summer it is the time when there are more of these vermin prowling around our pantries and fridges looking for food. Regular check with quality pest control is necessary to keep them under control and protect us from the disease.

Why a pest control service?

The services of periodic pest control are very important. And not only if you have a restaurant or work with food, but the security of our home is also important. Illnesses are not a matter to be taken lightly. Let’s be honest. Many times we prefer to spend a few dollars on what our neighbor who works for him recommends to us, natural recipes like baking soda, vinegar, and they don’t always work, and if you buy some pesticides without knowledge is not the same. You will be able to disinfect the area for a couple of hours or days, but it really isn’t attacking the real problem.


The problem is that you are probably not taking precautions to avoid the proliferation of pests in your home, some simple actions like installing mosquito nets on doors and windows. Thoroughly clean the surroundings of your home and prevent puddles from accumulating when it rains.


Mosquitoes and flies reproduce in any body of water they find. If you have a garden it could include some lavender or mint plants. These act as a natural mosquito scare. Keep the pantry clean and dry, check the rubbers of the fridges and small cracks in the walls and drawers where mice and cockroaches can pass.

These are things we can do without calling an Orlando Pest Control. But if it really is a situation that got out of control it will be better to make this investment. Spend the day at Econ park and let All American Pest Control take care of your pest control needs.